Emotional Intelligence Empowerment 8-Week Course Bundle

Emotional Intelligence Empowerment 8-Week Course Bundle

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Is it time to uplevel your emotional fitness? Do you want to be your best self? Are you tired of being stuck or just getting by each day?

Our 8-week Emotional Intelligence online course is designed to foster introspection and learn new skills at your own pace. Big shifts are possible in as little as two months!

Over eight weeks, you’ll cover topics such as emotional awareness, how to set healthy boundaries, how to give empathy, and create more understanding and connection with yourself and others. You’ll learn simple, practical keys for making any change possible.

At the end of eight weeks, you’ll:

  1. use your emotions as a guide in making positive changes
  2. be more confident and energetic
  3. learn a step-by-step process to set boundaries
  4. be able to express empathy
  5. have tools for transforming any habit

Just think, you’ll have proven skills to transform your life easier than ever before!

That's a new, self-empowered YOU for little more than the price of a few lattes.