Emotional Intelligence Online Course - Full Course

Emotional Intelligence Online Course - Full Course

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It's always a perfect time to increase your emotional intelligence.

Do you want to build resiliency to respond effectively to the challenges in life? Enhance your relationships? Be your best self?

Are you tired of feeling limited by old ways of thinking and feeling?

Our Emotional Intelligence Online Course is designed to foster introspection and personal insight while learning new skills... at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

Big shifts are possible when you learn practical tools to heal and transcend your past and keep your focus on a brighter future.

In four modules, you’ll learn key emotional intelligence topics such as emotional awareness, how to set healthy boundaries, how to give empathy, how to create more connection with yourself, and how to build more honesty and understanding with others. Every relationship, beginning with yourself, will hold the power to blossom in ways you didn't think possible. 

Based on three decades of experience, these very skills have been taught to hundreds of clients with incredible success. You’ll learn simple, practical keys for making change possible... finally!

At the completion of the course, you’ll:

  • be equipped to use your emotions as a guide for positive change
  • create a more confident and energetic presence
  • have a step-by-step process to set boundaries successfully
  • understand empathy and how to express it with compassion
  • have tools for transforming unwanted habits

Just think, you’ll have emotional intelligence skills to transform your life!

That's a new, self-empowered YOU!

One step away... ACT NOW.

Or give the gift of emotional intelligence to someone you love!